Veterinary Medicine

The PRIGO College has launched a new, unique and in demand study programme within the regulated profession of Veterinary Medicine, the Veterinary Nurse. The classes are taking place in Ostrava on both full-time and part-time basis. Our school has undergone a highly demanding process at the end of which it has received a positive opinion from the Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of Education, the Czech Chamber of Commerce and veterinary surgeons and the Employment Agency. Upon graduation, students are awarded the DiS degree (i.e. “certified specialist”).

The study programme will be offered starting from the academic year 2021/2022. Preliminary applications can be submitted now via the standard online application (in the Czech language only). You can have a look at the Decision on accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports here (available in the Czech language only). Meanwhile, we are waiting for the completion of the registration of the programme in the school register, which should be processed in a few weeks. The administrative fee for the application to this study programme does not apply this academic year.

This study programme, whose graduates meet the requirements of the Veterinary Care Act, is currently not being offered at any other higher vocational school in the Czech Republic.

In the course of their studies, the students of the PRIGO College will benefit from the synergy between the schools in the PRIGO Group. As a part of the teaching, there is a complex mentoring programme running which moves the individual approach to teaching to the next level. You can learn more about mentoring here. The PRIGO College students of this study field will also cooperate closely with the Veterinary Medicine students of PRIGO High School on a number of projects.

Language certificates

We consider the acquisition of a foreign language as one of the basic practical competencies of our students. Due to the fact that our College has the right to provide the state language exam, our students can obtain a state-verified language certificate during their studies under the guidance of experienced language teachers. Well-equipped students can then, on the basis of inter-institutional cooperation, participate in exchange stays at our partner schools abroad and thus gain additional experience in foreign nursing context. You can learn more about international cooperation at the PRIGO College here.

Career opportunities for graduates

The training of veterinary physicians and veterinary assistants is closely linked. Our primary goal is to prepare our graduates to independently provide animal care and fully-fledged assistance to veterinary physicians in all types of veterinary facilities, whether at veterinary clinics, veterinary offices or other facilities designed for breeding and care of animals (e.g. in rescue stations, animal shelters, farms, ranches and therapeutic facilities). Additionally, our goal is to prepare our graduates for the work in state veterinary supervision or research in veterinary medicine. In cooperation with physicians, our graduates will be engaged in preventive, curative, diagnostic, therapeutic and urgent care. Students will be taught also under the guidance of experienced and qualified veterinary physicians with long-term experience in veterinary medicine (in veterinary clinics and offices).

A list of subjects can be found here.