PRIGO is an exceptional group of schools, which has an irreplaceable position at all levels of the educational system, starting with the kindergarten and ending with the university.
It focuses on development of students‘ language competencies and global international cooperation with foreign universities and other institutions.
For this purpose, the PRIGO integrates a team of teachers and students from around the world. It operates in the European Union, in several cities in the Czech Republic.
One of the main goals of the PRIGO is to work with exceptionally gifted students. Its university centre CEMNAS search for gifted children and youths and helps them to succeed in their studies not only abroad.

PriorityGO is a unique trademark-protected approach to education that is based on the combination of individualization of teaching, modern didactic methods and respect for the challenges of contemporary society. In the educational process, we emphasize ethical, ecological and intercultural topics, and help our pupils and students to face technological and other changes of global space that they live in, with respect to our regional traditions.

The PriorityGO approach is thus based on ten principles:

  1. Applying traditional educational goals in the concept of “Czech school”, highlighting the challenges of a globalized environment in the 21st century
  2. Individualization of education and client access to educated individuals
  3. Promoting international cooperation and language learning
  4. Project approach to education
  5. Two-way intergenerational exchange of experience and respect
  6. Supporting the development of the personality of both student and teacher
  7. Promoting an ethical approach to life and education
  8. Education for sustainability and environmental education
  9. Application and use of modern technologies
  10. Integrating the education of exceptionally gifted individuals