Personal approach is one of the priorities of the PriorityGO concept which we apply throughout our schools. Based on the interconnection within the group of PRIGO schools and because of the fact that it covers all levels of education, we have a unique opportunity to offer our students the possibility to participate in the new BuddyGo system, which moves the meaning of ‘personal approach’ to the next level. Targeted mentoring connects different levels of education in the group of PRIGO schools. This way, our students develop the today’s highly valued qualities such as responsibility and activity on the mentor-side, and easier integration on the mentoree-side.

New school, new environment, new schoolmates and new teachers – we take personal approach really seriously. We will find a Buddy, a friend from a higher year of study, for every College student. Your Buddy will guide you through the school, share tips on interesting school events and become your team mate. Loneliness will never trouble you. You’ll make a successful team with your Buddy, and you may represent your school at various events together. In other words, you’ll make a team of two friends who help each other.

Newly arriving students at the PRIGO College have a team of Buddies at their disposal which responds to all of their queries and which is available 24 hours a day through e-mail or Messenger.

However, the College students carry primarily the role of mentors. The mentoring takes a general form, whereby the students prepare lectures, meetings and extracurricular events for other pupils and students from the PRIGO Group. For example, the are responsible for the preparation of a court proceeding demonstration, a project day or a sports day. Additionally, the students of Pre-school and Extra-curricular Pedagogy individually mentor children from the PRIGO Kindergarten, i.e. they accompany them at events organized by the kindergarten, oversee their smooth integration into the school environment and take care of their individual development. As part of the study of extra-curricular pedagogy, the students prepare many project-oriented activities for primary school pupils (not only) from the PRIGO schools. Students majoring in the fields Registered Paediatric Nurse and Registered General Nurse are also involved in mentoring. Due to the scientific focus of most of the PRIGO schools, mentoring will be also carried out by the students of Veterinary Medicine.

Moreover, students of the PRIGO College are encouraged to attend events where they can gain experience from their older colleagues, such as the lectures given by the students of the PRIGO University.

You can take a look at how mentoring at the PRIGO schools looks like here (available in the Czech language only).