PRIGO College

The PRIGO College is one of the biggest colleges in the Czech Republic, a central part of the European Union, considering the number of its students. Located in Ostrava, the third populous city in the country, the College is close to the neighbouring Poland and Slovakia. The College is a part of the PRIGO – an exceptional group of schools which has an irreplaceable position at all levels of the educational system, starting with the kindergarten and ending with the university. It focuses on developing the students´ language skills as well as cooperation with foreign universities and other institutions at an international level. One of the PRIGO´s main goals is to work with exceptionally gifted students. Its university centre CEMNAS searches for gifted children and youths, helping them succeed in their studies both home and abroad. The College provides education in many subjects, including legal, economic, teacher-training and medical ones. Professional management studies should be mentioned as well (BBA, MBA, MPA, DBA and LL.M. programmes). The College cooperates with over twenty foreign schools from the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Slovakia, USA and China, and participates in many projects, especially those financed from the EU funds.