Cyber Security

The purpose of these studies is to gain knowledge and skills in the security of computer systems, networks and cryptography and how to apply it. Our graduates will be familiar with the legislation concerning offences, the basics of criminal law and the cybercrime environment. In the course of their studies, the students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to obtain professionally recognised certificates in computer networks, operating systems and database systems. They will also gain practical skills for working with modern technologies in computer technology, operating systems, computer network virtualization, database and information systems and cyber security, acquiring, in particular, the skills to independently administer computer systems, computer networks, information systems, to provide data security, etc. In the course of their studies, our students complete a 408-hour practical training at companies dealing with security of information systems and technology.

Our graduates will also be able to apply their newly acquired knowledge in digital marketing and digital business, and their basics of web design, application development and web applications in marketing companies, businesses dealing with application development (whether web, smartphone or desktop apps). The graduates receive the DiS degree (associate degree).