Certified Pharmaceutical Assistant

The graduates are prepared to actively participate in public health protection and to guide individuals, families and groups of people in health care and a healthy lifestyle. Our graduates are well-equipped to take part in research, collaborate with other health care professionals and train themselves further. The graduates adhere to ethical principles and respect the personalities and rights of their patients and clients, being prepared in such a way that their quality of work and attitude can contribute to increase the prestige of the pharmaceutical assistant profession. Our graduates can find employment in all types of pharmacies, shops selling medicinal herbs and medical supplies, in the university departments of pharmacy, medicine and natural sciences, in medicine control laboratories, distribution points of medical devices, at workplaces engaged in medicine production and in distribution companies. Our guarantors of the specialised subjects are not only qualified teachers but mainly leading practitioners. The students will be taught under the guidance of experienced and qualified pharmacists. Practical training will take place in over thirty contracted facilities (pharmacies, distribution points of medical devices, control laboratories of pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmaceutical distributors). The graduates receive the DiS degree upon the completion of studies (associate degree).